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Primary Air Balance, Inc. is an independent testing and balancing firm that has no affiliation with manufacturers, installing contractors, engineering firms, or any other person or company that could affect the ability of us to render an independent test and balance report.  Additionally, we maintain an established place of business in Francestown, New Hampshire, and have the necessary financial responsibility and worker’s compensation and liability coverage as required by NEBB.   

Primary Air Balance, Inc. owns all equipment necessary to perform the testing and balancing on the above referenced project.  Our equipment is well maintained and properly calibrated, with proof of calibration furnished with our reports.  These calibration sheets are included in the final report. 



Primary Air Balance, Inc., is an independent testing and balancing organization, and is able to direct its resources to help solve the many problems faced by owners and sponsors of commercial, military and industrial facilities.  This expertise is especially valuable during the construction phase, but can also effectively be used to solve problems, which have developed in existing facilities. The services which Primary Air Balance, Inc. provides are primarily in the testing and balancing of airflow, liquid flow and associated systems controls.  State-of-the-art-instrumentation is used to provide documentation that the system is performing according to its design specification. If the system is not performing to specification, details are provided to identify the corrective steps needed to assure a smooth working system.  The qualified testing and balancing procedure used by Primary Air Balance, Inc. is a professional approach, which assures an optimal operating system, and results are presented in an unbiased report.  



Primary Air Balance, Inc. employs the testing and balancing procedures established by AABC, ASHRAE and applicable government standards.


Primary Air Balance, Inc.'s breadth of experience Includes solving problems encountered in a wide range of structures such as 

o Multi-storied Buildings

o Laboratories

o Schools

o Hospitals

o Factories

o Offices

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